Lonza - cured pork loin

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Our Lonza (cured pork loin) is  a traditional aged pork tenderloin, seasoned with salt, spices, red wine, celery juice powder and garlic. A perfect grab and go snack, Expedition Joe Coffee's pre-sliced Lonza provides a whopping 17 grams of protein per 1 oz. serving.  This is not your grocery store product, but the very highest quality Italian style meats processed in the old country tradition.  

Made exclusively from pork fed a 100% vegetarian diet, without antibiotics or hormones.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Padgett
Lovin' the Lonza

The new Lonza meat snack is fantastic. What a great product that checks a lot of boxes. The taste is great, it's incredibly packable and I like what I read in the ingredients list. These will definitely go with me on my next excursion. Well done Expedition Joe.

Tim Plaehn
My new go to high protein snack

I really enjoy this meat. Flavor and texture are excellent. Minus one star because it is a bit oily coming out of the bag. It is not a road snack while driving, which is how I ate my full pack. Have a napkin or paper towel nearby and enjoy! I am placing my second order today.

Sorry about the oil but I think it is a part of why this aged premium pork (Lonza) is so incredibly tasty... Glad you enjoyed it. I see you ordered again... Awesome!!

Christopher B. Finch
New favorite

Just yesterday, I was on the EJ website and saw this new pork product…ADHD commenced 😁 and I was sidetracked before ordering. Guess what showed up as a sample in my subscription, today? My education background is food science, so I’m tune to organoleptic evaluation…this is delicious! I just tried it on a wheat cracker, too. Stock-up!