Coffee is the second-largest commodity in the world, just behind oil, so it’s clear that coffee is a prosperous industry that piques a lot of interest among consumers.

If you’re interested in new product offerings and custom private-label coffee, the team at Expedition Joe Coffee Company would like to hear from you. We always look forward to collaborating with businesses and individuals to find commonalities in order to achieve a personalized gourmet coffee roast.


The team at Expedition Joe will work closely with you to create a “roast profile” that meets your individual standards and that you’ll be happy to offer to your audience and customers. In order to be assured that you are 100 percent satisfied with your personal roast, we will send you a sample of our premium coffee for you to confirm. Additionally, we will create a private label that complements your brand and includes custom graphics and images.

To make the process of creating custom private-label coffee even easier for you, Expedition Joe Coffee Company will take care of all fulfillment to your customers.


Expedition Joe takes the hassle out of creating a private-label coffee for your business. Some of the most common advantages of a private-label coffee are:
  • Provides quality coffee to your audience
  • Improves the connection between you and your target market
  • Helps to retain loyalty among consumers
  • Gives you control over design and production

We’re confident you will enjoy working with our team of friendly coffee experts. We will ensure that you’re pleased with every drop.

Reach out to us today to schedule an introduction with us here at Expedition Joe. You may get in touch by sending an email to

Expedition Joe Coffee Company is proud to be classified as a US military veteran- and Native American-owned business.