OutdoorX4 Camp Grounds Coffee

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Camp Grounds Coffee is a fantastic 3 region blend of Sumatran, Colombian and Panamanian 100% Arabica coffee. It is guaranteed to please. The medium dark roast profile brings the oils to the surface providing a smooth taste and smooth finish. Available in 6oz, 12oz and 2lb. offerings.

Launched in 2013, OutdoorX4 Magazine is the preeminent publication for responsible vehicle-based adventure travel, including overland, with family-friendly content that resonates with a broad audience of adventures whether in a 4×4 vehicle, on two-wheels, in a canoe or kayak, or traveling by foot. OutdoorX4 Magazine’s focus is on visual storytelling that appeals to the broadest range of outdoors enthusiast while providing expert advice in the field as well as dynamic photography and editorial that inspires. OutdoorX4 is committed to promoting responsible adventure travel and outdoors recreation in an effort to guide all outdoors enthusiasts to choose the road less traveled.

We believe that Camp Grounds Coffee is the perfect companion for your off-road adventures no matter whether it is packed in your vehicles coffee kit or your backpack. Take it along with you no matter where your adventure leads you.

Choose from Whole Bean, Ground (Fine – Espresso), Ground (Medium – Drip / Pour Over), Ground (Course – French Press)