Trail Reserve Decaf™

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Trail Reserve Decaf is a full bodied dark roasted coffee that has a great flavor without the caffeine.  Peru is well known to be an ‘understated’ coffee with a very pleasant character that tends to have a vanilla-nut toned sweetness to them.
Sit back and enjoy this distinctive coffee bean from the steps of the Andes to your favorite coffee cup.

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I've been searching for my ideal decaf coffee. I found it! With my first sip of this decaf, I knew I could quit looking.

Trail Reserve is smooth and flavorful with no after-taste. Just a great cup of coffee.

Alisha Bennett
Sunny and bright

Excellent, sunny and bright. Just right for starting off my morning or unwinding after a long day. This has become one of my new favorites. It’s light without that acidic bite that plagues so many lighter/decaf coffees. Even my non-coffee drinking hubby enjoys sneaking a cup occasionally!


Just enjoyed a cup of Trail Reserve Decaf. Perfect!! I am skipping my Nespresso dessert coffee after all the rich Thanksgiving foods and enjoying the smoothness of a cup of Expedition Joe Trail Reserve decaf, black. I can’t even drink Dunkin Donuts decaf without a little cream. Trail Reserve is excellent, black!


I ordered the Combo that coupled the Cookbook and a bag of decaf Coffee. The Cookbook is creatively filled with colorful pictures and tasty recipes, I can’t wait to get started! I am a Barista, so my day is filled with making a variety of drinks which include a brand of decaf Coffee. The decaf I bordered and tasted from Expedition Joe’s is smooth and delicious. In addition the added benefit of antioxidants and
B vitamins is a healthy choice I prefer and will be a returning customer. I really like the Branding and the Website’s adventures. In particular, the 500 miles journey that includes Horses and Heroes, very touching and a honorable mission to contribute to.


I am a decaf drinker and the Trail Reserve is great. An even taste profile, easy drinking, and wonderful flavor. This decaf would be great to try with a variety of coffee making methods!