Primal Outdoors - Medium 100% Colombian

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Primal Outdoors | Medium Roast is a 100% Select Grade coffee providing a balanced, full-bodied flavor with an incredibly smooth finish.  Smooth yet bold. 100% Arabica coffee. Available in 6 oz., 12 oz. and 2 lb. resealable bags.

At Expedition Joe Coffee we use only carefully sourced, premium coffee beans. In addition, the beans are locally roasted in small batches. Our roasting process has been perfected with great care. Therefore, we know our customers will always enjoy the best tasting coffee possible. Most importantly, our smooth and bold coffee will revive and rejuvenate your spirits. Enjoy our premium coffee at home or in the back country.  

Choose from Whole Bean, Ground (Fine – Espresso), Ground (Medium – Drip / Pour Over), Ground (Course – French Press)

Our goal at Expedition Joe’s has always been to provide 100% customer satisfaction and, above all, exceed customer expectations. 

Expedition Joe Coffee – United States Veteran & Native American owned and operated.

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